Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Forgotten Queensbury?

City Hall Ok'd Tesco, but the Bradford South Area committee said no.

The main issues were the possible traffic problem, the creation of jobs, proximity to other super markets, keeping the village feel to Queensbury, possible impact to the enivronment.

While i broadly agree with not letting Tesco in, I think it should be with conditions.

I really think calling Queensbury a "thriving village" is quite a way off the mark, and allowing the monopoly of the pricey and rundown co-op to continue just isnt acceptable. Also the services in the village are not of a good enough standard at all.

What we need is a regeneration plan. Councillors are happy to throw hundreds of millions into failing city centre projects, while forgetting the wards and villages they are meant to represent. I think it's time we had some of our hard earned money back.

T&A report:

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