Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What a Response!

Well we had a massive boost to the EU election campaign after holding two stalls in Halifax and Bradford. We handed out thousands of leaflets and got a really good response from the public.

We had many people pledge to vote for us (or had already voted for us - postal votes)

People took leaflets, stickers and policy booklets. Everybody was annoyed with the major parties and were pleased to see us out and about actually talking to people.

The Greens and NO2EU also had stalls when we were there in Halifax, but we were the only ones that stayed all day!

Interesting to see none of the main parties dared to show their face the weekend before the election. If they had, I think they would have been lynched....

Only thing left to do now is....

VOTE UKIP on the 4th JUNE!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Great news. Here's hoping UKIP do well in Yorkshire & Humber region, as one of the regions which might unfortunately see a BNP candidate elected. UKIP will hopefully limit the chance of a left-wing fascist being elected.