Thursday, 6 August 2009

UKIP Bradford Taking Local Elections Seriously

Next year when the local elections are set to take place, UKIP Bradford will be putting a record number of candidates out.

Although more known for our European Union Policy, UKIP does have a wide ranging set of local policies, from council tax and local housing, to policing and transport.

If you would like to read the current local manifesto, please find it here:

On the back of coming second in a national election and third in the Bradford area, we are on the look out for more candidates. UKIP Bradford Branch covers about 30 wards!
The more candaidates we have the more local coverage we get and it shows that we mean business by standing up for the people and issues that concern our local areas.

If you are interested in standing for UKIP (Council elections are free - General elections cost £500) please sign up to UKIP Bradford here:

and get in touch with our Branch Chairman Jason:

We are planning a big campaign in the run up to next years elections so get involved!

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  1. Taking local elections seriously is what ALL the cool cats in UKIP do!

    Peace out!