Friday, 4 May 2012

2012 Local Elections - UKIP Bradford & District

Results from the UKIP Bradford & District,

Queensbury and Wibsey results were phenomenal!

This signals a massive breakthrough in Bradford.  4 first time candidates all posting good results and all with good scalps!

Queensbury – Jason Smith
884 votes (24.9%, vote increase from 9.8%)
3rd place and 189 votes off winning the seat!
Best ever result in Bradford District

Wibsey – Jamie Illingworth
781 votes (23.5%, increase from 10.5%)
Excellent 2nd place (972 votes) behind Labour beating the Tories & Lib Dems

Great Horton – Pal Bjornstom
4th place, 390 votes (8.2%) – slightly down percentage (8.6%) from 2011 by-election
Great effort from first time candidate!

Ilkley – Paul Latham
3rd place, 354 votes (7.2%) beating Green and Lib Dem
Good increased of previous vote (5.9%) and position increase (from 4th)

Baildon – James Fell
4th place, 331 votes (6.9%), beating Greens
Great vote for first time candidate!

Philip Bird – Shipley
4th place, 297 votes (6.7%) beating Lib Dem and Socalist Labour Party
Great result for long standing paper candidate!

Heaton – Sonja McNally
4th place, 302 votes (5.9%) beating Lib Dems
First time standing for UKIP, formally Green

Bradford Moor – Jim Dempsey
4th place, 143 votes (2.2%) beating Conservative!
Good showing for first time candidate


  1. Delighted to see these results, which are going in right direction.