Monday, 23 February 2009

Labour to Privatise Royal Mail

A report by the BBC has highlighted the looming vote on further privatization of Royal Mail.

Not only has Labour adopted the rules that have allowed foreign and private companies cherry pick the profitable parts of the postal service from Royal Mail, leaving it unable to sustain the service and Post office network.

Not only have Labour voted to continue the Post Office closure programme despite a wide-spread public backlash.

Not only has Labour withdrawn services from the Post Office and is unable to help sustain the network due to "State Aid" rules.

Now Labour wishes to sell off more public assets to the private sector. 30% of Royal Mail will be sold off to the Dutch firm TNT. No doubt the local Bradford Labour MPs will enthusiastially vote in favour of further privatization of what used to be a sustainable and profit making service.

Labour can't be trusted with our vital public services and will continue to sell out the country and our public services for a quick buck.

UKIP Bradford will be watching how our local MPs vote and make sure it is known by the public.
Click HERE to find out more about how Labour is destroying our Royal Mail and Post Offices.

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