Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Heritage report on the Odeon

An article in the T&A tells of several reports concerning the Odeon, that it would be too costly to refurbish.

"A new report into the condition of the derelict former Odeon cinema in Bradford city centre has concluded that it is not economically viable to retain any of it."

"Experts were called in to assess the merits of four options for retaining the Prince’s Way facade and the twin towers but have concluded it is not financially viable and would cost the developers up to £13.9 million."

"The repair work alone would cost about £6 million, it says."

"Dave Rolinson, chairman of Spawforth Planning Consultants, which commissioned the reports on behalf of Langtree Artisan, said: “Given the significant structural, architectural and economic challenges and the excessive costs required to refurbish the building, it is evident that the demolition of the building is justified.” "

That is all well and good, but after leaving the poor Odeon to rot for so long, making a hash of other regeneration in the city, I don't think the Council deserves to be given the decision over wht to do with it.

Yorkshire Forward (Regional Quango) that own the Odeon have wanted to demolish it for ages, despite local oppinion.

I think it's time we the public should decide on this issue, because we clearly can't trust the council on this issue. And please don't tell me there has been extensive "public consultation" because that's absolute rubbish. The best way to get people involved in the city, is to begin to get enthusiasm for our once great city, would be to ask the people what they want.

The Odeon would be a great place to start, and could get a real feel good factor with Bradfordians if we were asked what we wanted. Plus it would mean something could be achieved with Odeon as the Council would have the mandate to act immediately.

"A decision will be made at City Hall at tomorrow’s meeting which starts at 10.30am. There have been more than 1,300 objections in total across both applications, including from the Bradford Odeon Rescue Group. "

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