Saturday, 5 September 2009

Support Grows for Odeon Referendum

Reading through the letters pages lately has shown that there are people writing in (non-ukip I assure you!) supporting the call for the decision over the Odeon be taken away from the unlected quango Yorkshire Forward and the untrusted Council.

I don't think I can put it in any better way than the following letter:

"It is obvious from the interest being taken in the future of the New Victoria Cinema that it’s destiny is far too important for it to be left in the hands of the seven councillors who form the Planning Committee.

The only way for a truly democratic decision to be made would be for a referendum of all the citizens of Bradford be held.

It is vital that fiascos like the demolition of the Kirkgate Market, Mechanics’ Institute, Central Library and Forster Square not be repeated"

Absolutely spot on Mr. Chappell... have you considered joining UKIP Bradford....?

here are a few more:
The choice is ours
Support the Call
Let the public decide
Poll for a true picture
Quangos must go

UKIP Bradford called for a referendum back in 2007 (Full Article T&A)

Some older letters in support of our call:
Odeon shock
Vote welcomed

There really does seem to be a growing number of people that are beginning to expect to have a vote on at least some project of the "regeneration" in Bradford.

And the Odeon is the perfect place to start.

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