Saturday, 23 July 2011

UKIP Chairman Jason Smith joins locals for Queensbury smelly truck campaign

UKIP Bradford Chairman and local resident Jason Smith has helped to start a campaign to stop the smelly trucks travelling through Queenbury!

All credit (and picture!) to the Halifax Courier:

"CAMPAIGNERS are stepping up their fight against the firm behind the gruesome offal spills and foul stench plaguing Queensbury."

"Swalesmoor Action Group has drawn up a list of demands for animal-waste company Omega Proteins after two major spills from its lorries."

"The group has also joined forces with UKIP activist Jason Smith to examine the European laws governing the company’s operations."

"Mr Smith said: “We have contacted our researchers in Brussels who are scrutinising the legislation and we hope to have a clear view of what the legislation allows and does not allow shortly."

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