Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bradford Labour want taxpayers to cough up for failed policies

The Labour Council leader appears to not want new tax holding powers for business rates and believes that taxpayers should subsidise their failed policies.


Of course, holding on to business rates would cut a whole swath of bureaucracy and help make national savings (Which we desperately need, lest we end up like Greece) - not to mention simplifying the whole system.

But thanks to successive Labour and Tory councils, our city has been destroyed and businesses driven out.

And who is to blame for that? - Not so much the coalition Mr. Greenwood.

Although UKIP would go further - We support either an enterprise zone for Bradford or giving total control over the setting of business rates, to the council.

The less you tax small business, the more it will either grow or move in to the area, bringing jobs and extra tax revue for public services.

That is one way to create jobs.

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