Sunday, 25 March 2012

Save Thornton Delivery Office!

Sonja McNally UKIP Bradford West candidate continues to throw her support behind the campaign to save the Thornton delivery office.

"It's a disgrace that this vital service is being axed.   We've all heard in the past week about the threat to the Thornton delivery office.   If it closes, how are the elderly and disabled meant to get their packages?"

"Of course Royal Mail needs to rise to the challenge of modern technology, but Labour is the root cause for all the network closures in recent years.  They privatised the profitable business mail but left Royal Mail with the universal obligation to service every home."

Even Royal Mail admitted:  "changes were necessary as it faced ... tough competition from delivery companies" (T&A 25/01/2012)

"They also refused to directly fund the service.  That is why we saw Post Offices across Bradford closing.  It is also why we are now seeing the delivery office in Thornton closing."

"No wonder the other candidates have been silent on this issue as only UKIP can do anything to save our postal services.  Bradford West is not just about the city centre; there are people that live in outlying areas, and I will champion their causes just as much as the city."
(T&A 23/03/2012)


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