Friday, 23 March 2012

Sonja vows to fight for Bradford's pubs

Pub Budget Response Sonja McNally UKIP Bradford West

Looking at the proposals for beer duty, Sonja hits out at the lack of relief for local pubs:
“The Conservatives are adding 5p to the price of a pint which will put another nail in the coffin for the pub industry.”

“Pubs are the centre of Bradford’s villages and towns, acting like mini-parliaments where people can go to relax, meet their mates, and debate issues of the day in a safe environment.”

“Four pubs close everyday, which is killing local communities and destroying jobs – they need help! UKIP have run a save the pub campaign in Bradford for many years.”

Sonja will be joined by UKIP party leader Nigel Farage MEP on a pub crawl Sunday night to talk to publicans and customers across Bradford West about the future of their industry and local issues.

 (T&A 23/03/2012)

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