Friday, 24 May 2013

Choice is the key

SIR – Peter Finan accuses me and others who oppose windmills of selfish nimbyism (Letters, May 20).
While Mr Finan might not be bothered about a 40 per cent drop in his house price, I’d wager there are many people out there who would not want to be saddled with a massively devalued property.
So you are stuck with a windmill next door, unable to sell your property or at best take a huge loss while seeing continued hikes in power prices due to the costs of green energy. So you’re effectively

I’m happy for Mr Finan to have a garden full of windmills, but why can’t people who oppose them have a choice also? Rather than being a Nimby, I’d say I was more of a ‘Nirbyuta’ (not in residents back yard unless they agree).
Jason Smith, UKIP Bradford chairman

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