Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Winning tax ways

SIR – It’s difficult to understand how John Appleyard (Letters, May 20) manages to translate my comment of UKIP will “cut tax for everyone” into “hard-working people get crumbs while the idle rich get the cream”.

Mr Appleyard seemed to have missed the entire text of my letter as I mentioned low-wage earners will pay no tax at all. That can hardly equate to “crumbs for working people”.

He continues that “there would be less money available to spend on vital services”. He must remember that UKIP’s pot of money is much larger than that of the old EU parties, as UKIP would,

a) not pay £53 million per day to the EU;
b) not pay £23 million per day in foreign aid;
c) stop funding invasions of other countries;
and d) stop bailing out private banks.
On tax, UKIP is like the lottery ticket where everyone is a winner!

Jason Smith, UKIP Bradford Chairman

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