Thursday, 13 June 2013

UKIP Bradford pledges support for the National Media Museum

UKIP Bradford Spokesman Jason Smith announced Monday that the UKIP Bradford & District are officially coming out in support of the cities National Media Museum, UKIP Bradford want to see funding available for the Museum to stay open and continue with free entry.

UKIP has been at the forefront campaigning to save other Bradford landmarks; they were the only Bradford political party to support the retention of the landmark former Odeon cinema and in 2007 called on Bradford council to give local people binding referenda on the buildings future.

UKIP Bradford also announced that its slate of candidates for the 2014 local elections will all stand on a ticket of protecting both the Odeon building and the National Media Museum.

Spokesman Jason Smith said: “As the UK’s ‘City of Film’ it is unthinkable that we could see the closure of our National Media Museum. This fine museum is one of few remaining landmarks that exist to draw people in to Bradford. All our candidates will campaign vigorously to highlight the plight of the Museum and safeguard this important local attraction.

UKIP do not accept the government argument that we have no money to fund our fine museums, why is it that our government claim we have no money to protect our museums and local services yet they can find money to pay £53 million per day to the EU and £23 million per day in foreign aid?  It is all a question of priorities and we believe their priorities are wrong.

As the nation’s fastest growing party, we ask all our supporters to sign the Telegraph & Argus petition to highlight this issue and bring pressure on the government to safeguard the future of our museum.  We have so far succeeded in protecting the Odeon and now we aim to help Bradford people raise awareness to protect our media museum and ensure it stays free to the public.”


  1. The EU allocates 6 billion euros to tackle youth unemployment in the eurozone while our government attacks the unemployed. EU = democracy in action.

  2. 1. He didnt make any money, and youve got the story completely wrong

    2. That is our money already and we wont get half of that back. If we could keep our contributions to the EU we'd have more to spend!

    3. The EU isnt democratic as only the Commission can initiate law (who are not elected) and the MEPs and Council cant force them to do anything. Once an EU law comes in theres nothing you as a voter can do to change it. At least in the UK if you dont like a law you get a vote every 5 years to change it. That doesnt happen with EU law.

  3. 1. Wrong, Nigel Farrage constantly berates the EU about not being transparent and then tries to cheat the tax man by setting up a tax haven. Your leader is a hypocrite.

    2. Wrong again it’s not our money. Its the combined money of EU citizens and the money is being ring fenced to create schemes specifically to help youth into employment in the Europe. Or to put it plain and simple, that’s the EU helping young unemployed British people, where the British government is cutting their benefits.

    3. Wrong again big time. Clearly you know nothing about the institution you are trying to attack. The commission has no power to make law, that is the preserve of the EU parliament. Only the EU parliament can bring a directive into law by its MEP’s voting. Nigel Farrage exercises his democratic right to vote against a whole host of EU initiatives. Thank god he’s in a minority and the laws get passed that benefit British citizens.

    What is the big problem you lot have with the EU. It’s not perfect but what is? Just get real!

  4. It is our money - and we don't get back what we pay in. So we are clearly down on the deal. Especially at a time we are cutting services and jobs, we are handing over billions to the EU which hasn't had its accounts signed off for 18 years in a row. Its outrageous.

    Only the Commission can initiate new law (MEPs cannot)

    Only the Commission can start procedures to amend current EU law (MEPs cannot)

    Only the Commission can start procedures to repeal law (MEPs cannot)

    So what if the EU comes up with a law you don't like? What can you do as a voter to change it? nothing. In a normal democracy every 5 years you can vote for a party that can change the law - in the EU this doesn't happen.

    That's why its taken over 40 years for the damaging Common Fisheries Policy to change! The Commission isn't accountable to the ballot box and no one who is elected can force them to do anything.

  5. Your argument appears to be, “The EU does not work like our parliament therefore it is undemocratic and wrong”

    Have you not considered that the British political system may not be as democratic as you think?

    Have you not considered that there may be a better more democratic system than ours?

    Are you seriously saying that the British way is the only fair and democratic way to govern and that is why the EU is bad?

  6. The fact that a voter can't vote to change a policy by a political body is not democratic at all.

    Please don't think I'm so inflexible - there are plenty of problems with our own system, unelected 2nd chamber, FPTP which creates a biased system etc. The British system isn't perfect, but at least if we don't like a law, or some politicians become corrupt, we can vote for someone new/vote to change the law.

    What if the EU comes up with a terrible law (like the EU arrest warrant, CFP, CAP - or something more dangerous?) what can the people do to change it? Nothing!

    Until we give power back to the people to decide through the ballot box, we can never progress as a society.

  7. Democracy in Britain is myth. there never has been a democracy in this country. As a voter no one can change a policy or a law. The only thing we can do is remove the current administration. The fact that they get replaced by another raft of politicians in no way ensures that they will overturn a previous law or introduce a new one. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

    A test of a democracy would be that we would have no deeply unpopular laws and we would have the laws we want. Is this the case in the UK? far from it. There are screeds of examples of where politicians have promise done thing to get voted in and done something completely different once in power. take the current lot, I voted LibDem and got a raft of Tory policies. Even the Tory's didn't get what they wanted. There is no democracy in this country. We only have the power to remove people.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the EU is an improvement but its no worse or better. The principle is the same. If the people of Europe want to get rid of the current commission we can vote for a bunch of MEP's who will promise to dismiss them if we vote for them. Once we vote them into power will they dismiss the Commission. Maybe, maybe not. you see democracy is a myth. Pulling out of the EU will not give us any more control over our laws than we have now.