Sunday, 2 June 2013

Reports that UKIP will stand aside for Tory MP in Shipley...

I would just like the opportunity to clarify the situation with regard to UKIP candidates standing at the next General Election. Contrary to various articles, there are no current plans for UKIP to stand aside for Tory candidates at the next election, irrespective of whether that MP is euro-sceptic or not.

Additionally, UKIP has made it clear that there could never be any deal or agreement with a Conservative Party led by David Cameron. It seems the Tories are circulating stories and rehashing old quotes in an attempt to neutralise UKIP. Unfortunately, all it is doing is showing the public how much they fear the UK’s fastest-growing party.
While UKIP respects Shipley MP Philip Davies’s stance of withdrawal from the EU and his support of the ‘Better Off Out’ campaign, the reality is that Mr Davies stands on a Conservative ticket of remaining in the EU.

Jason Smith, UKIP Bradford Chairman,


The offending (untrue) original article suggesting UKIP would stand aside for Mr. Davies:

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