Sunday, 11 January 2009

Quango has the Power

Reported has been the stimulus of £10 billion by Gordon Brown to help create jobs.
All very nice to hear and much needed too, but no doubt we won't be getting a Council Tax cut from whatever money is trickled down to the Tory Bradford Council.

What is made clear in the report is that the Regional Development Agency (Yorkshire forward) holds the power of attorney over how much money will be given to Bradford.
This is a regional quango much like the Regional Assembly an un-elected, unaccountable, middle man wasting tax payers money when it could be spent on better public services.

The money will be poured into the city centre, withough any thought to the needs of the towns and villages of the district where most of the councillors actually hold their seat - and we all know how big city centre projects are managed!

An interesting quote at the end of the report:“...the EU heads of state, then announced a £12 billion fund to help small businesses deal with the financial situation...We still haven’t seen a mechanism for that. There’s a lot of rhetoric but no delivery.”

So, all talk and no money from the EU. The money we would get from this EU fund is a lot less than we put in, as we pay billions for this foreign bureaucracy. And apparently we can't even get our hands on that EU money. Sounds about right for the EU, why do we put up with it? I’m sure the French businesses get our money easy enough.

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