Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tory Tax Rises

The BBC reports that Council Tax will be rising by 3.5%

“A 3.5% increase in April would take the average bill for 2009-10 to £1,421.
This would be a rise of £48 over the year, or 92p a week.”

The Tories of course are crying foul of tax hikes at a time when it’s becoming harder and harder to pay the bill, and as people are losing their jobs.

However, no doubt the Bradford Tories have other ideas. Year on year they have raised Council Tax, and put more pressure on the elderly and the hard working families of our district.
With these rises we have also seen cuts in services, bus fares increase and we still have a crater in the middle of our city.

With the recession, if we should have to tighten our belt, so should government. How about making savings by abolishing the regional quangos the Regional Assembly and Regional Development Agency that cost us tens of millions every year?

UKIP Bradford is the only local party that will vote against any more Council Tax rises and actively seek more Council Tax relief, especially those in immediate vulnerable circumstances.



  1. So the UKIP will never increase council tax? Even if inflation goes up to 50%?

  2. UKIP does not support the Council Tax, it would promote a "local income tax" based on ability to pay.

    Inflation can be kept under control by lowering (and possibly scrapping) VAT. Now this isn't allowed thanks to the EU. (see Osborne highlight this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_uTzgmPT-uU&feature=channel_page

    Yes, if inflation drastically increased, government does need funding to provide services, but also if people can barely afford to heat and feed themselves and then to find a massive council tax bill landed on them wouldn't be helpful for anyone.

    We need to get people spending again, not driving them into poverty.

    There are plenty of savings to be made, for example aboloshing the Regional Development Agency, Regional Assembly, the EU.......