Thursday, 29 January 2009

UKIP to help local Pubs

First of all, apologies for not updating the blog recently. Ive been helping in the redesign of the UKIP Bradford website, had uni exams over the last few weeks and been campaigning.

The national party has produced a policy paper regarding pubs.
Find here:

I'm sure publicans and customers won't find any proposals more attractive than these from the other parties.

After the successful launching of a pub campaign last May in Queensbury, we distributed UKIP beermats, posters and petitions garnering much interest and response. Now with much more resources and help from the national party, we should be able to roll this campaign out around Bradford.

It is also interesting to point out the Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe is the licensing minister for the country. Some of his past comments can be found here:

We've got a real chance to send Gerry a message that damaging legislation and rises in alcohol duty only costs jobs and much like the closure of Post Offices, destroying what can be the hub of a village.

Also worth of note is that the Queensbury BNP Councillors currently do not take their seat they can have on the licenscing committee, so there is only UKIP standing up for our local pubs!

The Campaign (Save the pub) website can be found here:


  1. Found a good website with details of Bradford's lost pubs. I've had a pint in 6 of them - any advance on that?

  2. Hi thanks for the link, very interesting, and yes i have had a pint in one or two of them!

    The interesting thing is that most of the pubs closing are the out-of-city-centre pubs in the wards and villages, rather than the big chain pubs or bigger pubs in the city centre! - which tends to be were the most trouble and binge drinking takes place.

    The government legislation harming community pubs, which are popular, safe and trouble free.

    UKIP want to help those pubs out.

  3. Hi there,

    I am having a heated debate with a friend
    about the following.Almost next door to the Bedford Arms pub in Bradford
    which has just been closed down and is situated
    near the bottom of Wakefield Road, i am convinced
    there was another pub which was demolished when
    the dual carriageway was built in the 80's i believe.

    I thought the pub was called Napoleon Arms but i maybe wrong
    on this!

    Wondered if anyone can remember and throw some light
    on this

    Many thanks