Friday, 17 June 2011

Fed up with U-turns?

Although welcome, news that the Coalition is shelving its plans to halve sentences for the most serious criminal offenders marks yet another U-turn by the government.

First a hike in VAT provided taxpayers with an unexpected bombshell. Then we find out the Government tried to keep quiet its amnesty for a quarter of a million failed asylum seekers.

On law and order the Government has become a national embarrassment.

Justice Minister Crispin Blunt has bent over backwards to put the rights of prisoners first. Whoever would have thought a Conservative (sic) would dedicate time and resources to organising prisoner parties, IVF treatment for those inside and votes for some of the most dangerous people in the UK?

After only a year, the gulf between what the Conservatives say and what they do has become clear for all to see. No one can safely know where the Conservatives stand on anything these days.

With UKIP you know precisely where we stand, our principles abide by what works best through letting the British people have more money in their pockets, more choice in services and the freedom to live in a safe, democratic society.

For example, UKIP believe in letting families have the choice of sending their children to a grammar school as well as giving communities across the country the option to create new grammar schools. But the assault continues in Tory heartlands to phase out the best tool for social mobility the UK has ever seen, with only UKIP committed to defending the institution.

On law and order, UKIP would unravel New Labour’s Human ‘Rights’ legislation that puts the interests of offenders ahead of those who abide by the law and form the overwhelming majority of our society. UKIP would not let a single foreign court or institution instruct a sovereign parliament on what it should or shouldn’t do.

No prisoner votes. No soft sentences. Not difficult, is it?

Finally there’s the pound in your pocket. Britain is in unsustainable levels of debt. But the Coalition is sending more of your money abroad each year and chasing away job creators by hiking taxes.

Over this parliament, we will have spent more on foreign aid and EU membership than the entire government cuts package. In return, the British people get higher bills and more taxes.

A vote for UKIP is a vote to end wasteful spending and a start to digging Britain out of the trench of debt we find ourselves in.

Fed up of U-turns? Vote UKIP and make a real difference.

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