Friday, 10 June 2011

UKIP backs call for Bradford "Enterprise Zone"

"Business leaders in Bradford have thrown their support behind the city’s bid for enterprise zone status.
Bradford Chamber of Commerce said an enterprise zone could be the catalyst for major investment, creating jobs and regenerating the city and wider region." - Which can be found in the T&A here and here.

With the farce of regeneration in Bradford and the lack of businesses investing in the city, thanks to the policies of successive Labour and Tory run Councils, Bradford has been left to decay. What we need is to give the local economy a kick start; with so few jobs around we need to make Bradford a place to do business!

According to the reports in the T&A, 5000 jobs would be created and £1 billion could be added to projects in Bradford.

Reducing the costs for business to set up in Bradford will mean new ventures being created and current ones will be able to grow. Both of these result in more jobs.

The Guardian reported that:
"The chancellor also said he would consider enhancing capital allowances for plant and machinery in the zones and announced that, for at least 25 years, all business rates growth within the zone will be retained by local authorities to support their economy."

Of course, this has been UKIP policy for some time as detailed in our local manifesto this year:
"Let councils control their own finances by keeping half of local business rates"
"Replace VAT with a Local Sales Tax, with a proportion going direct to councils"

This proposal would reduce costs for business, simplify planning laws and create jobs across the district. UKIP wholeheartedly supports it.

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