Thursday, 30 June 2011

Residents protest at developing of Greenfield site and the handling by Bradford Council

As usual Bradford Council is building on Greenfield sites, no one wants it, and they are ignoring the opinions of locals.

Same old stories I'm afraid.

"Campaigners are angry that a major decision on a 400-home development on green fields near Bingley will be made in Bradford rather than the Aire Valley.

Greenhill Action Group (GAG), which is fighting the proposals, said there had been assurances from the Council that the “hugely important” decision would be made at Bingley Arts Centre."

This is exactly the sort of thing that we at UKIP Bradford have been saying for years. "Consultation" efforts are generally pathetic, and there is very little input allowed from concerned local people.

We would revolutionise the planning application process and put power back into the hands of the people.

UKIP would give local areas a vote on major housing schemes and big developments.

This would then force the Council to actually communicate their ideas to local people in an open and frank way, and not hide like they are doing with Bingley.

A major development, especially on a Greenfield site, would be very open to a referendum petition under a UKIP Council. All a local group (or an individual) would have to do is officially sign up 5% of the electorate in the local area (and have the names and addresses confirmed by the authorities at the Council) and that would trigger a local referendum.

We are sick to death of seeing people ignored with planning decisions, and we in UKIP Bradford want to blow the whole process open.

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