Monday, 2 March 2009

Going, going...not yet gone....

News on the Bradford Odeon!

Let's see.......ahhh, more hold ups.

A report from the T&A reveals there maybe "revisions" to the plans of demolishing the current Odeon which could trigger another public consulatition. Not that the council will listen as they ignored the "hug the odeon" event, the setup of the rescue group and the numerous petitions handed to them.

We must'nt forget that it is YORKSHIRE FORWARD that owns the property. A "regional development agency" that has a budget of millions, no accountability and are a symptom of the lack of transparency in local decision making.

These regional bureaucratic quangos must be abolished, freeing up more money for local services and handing more decision making back to local people.

Are we seeing another Westfield development? A multi-million pound, big project that will take years before anything happens and get any benefits from. Not to mention the demolition of the Odeon is widely un-popular.

UKIP Bradford Supports BORG (Bradford Odeon Rescue Group)

UKIP Bradford called for a local vote over the different plans for the Odeon

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