Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Pub Pressure steps up

T&A have now reported local publicans in Bradford are speaking out against the declining pub industry.

The report highlights that "Government figures show that 52 pubs have been lost in Bradford in four years."

"William Wagstaff, licensee of the New Beehive Inn in Westgate, will celebrate 20 years there next Sunday and says things have never been worse for the British pub.
“I have certainly weathered a few storms, and this is by far and away the worst the situation has ever been,” he said."

The pressure will be mounting on local Bradofrd MP Gerry Sutcliffe, as he is the licensing minister for the country.

UKIP Bradford will be kicking off their "save the pub campaign" to help focus a local voice for more help in the pub industry and bring pressure on MP Gerry Sutcliffe.

UKIP propose to cut duty/taxes on traditional draught beers such as real ale, ciders & some lagers

UKIP propose to allow the council to cut business rates on important community pubs (not just single, rural pubs of small rateable value as now)

UKIP would help finance nationally the excellent 'Pub is the Hub' initiative, which assists pubs in diversifying and encouraging social enterprise

UKIP would work with Sky TV to provide a fairer, non-monopolistic pricing structure

See the full UKIP Pub Policy Here:
See the UKIP Camapign Website:

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