Friday, 6 March 2009

Local Pool Consultation

Bradford Council have launched a "district-wide" consultation on swimming pool and sport facilities in Bradford reports the T&A.

There is an online survey asking for your thoughts on the Bradford Council Website:
Click here to take the survey:

It seems very quiet on the Bradford Council website, with no news release about it, except a solitary link on the left of the main page, without much explanation.

After the outcry against possible closures of local communinty pools last year, it comes as a bit of a relief that the public will be consulted. However, there seem to be no other ways the consultation process will be undertaken. For people who aren't IT savy probably won't be able to find out about the consultation.

UKIP Bradford supports the maintenance of local community pools and fully opposes possible plans to close them in favour of one central pool in the city centre.

The man to contact about the consultation is:
"If you have any queries please contact: John Coulton on 01274 438795 or email"

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  1. I love Bingley Pool....yes it's old fashioned but it is a proper 'swimming' pool. I live in Keighley and do not like swimming in the 'leisure' pool. I like to go to the baths, swim my lengths, get out and go home which is exactly what I can do at Bingley. I have hip problems and have had double hip replacements and pelvic reconstruction and find that swimming helps me to stay mobile. I would be devastated if Bingley were to close!
    Wendy Halloway