Sunday, 22 March 2009

Save the Pub Campaign Update

We were out an about campaining in pubs today and were visitng pubs in Wyke and Royds among other areas.

Every pub was interested in our new pub policy paper, and we had some very positive feedback.We handed out two different types of beermats, the new posters, policy papers and loads of petitions that people were eager to sign on the spot!

Pubs we visited:
Prince of Orange, New Furnace, Beehive, Waggoners, Kings Head, Drop Kick, British Queen (where we sparked off a lively debate!), Junction, The Crown, Oddfellows Hall, Oddfellows, Brown Cow, The Royal, Mail Coach and the Northern

UKIP Pub Policy:
UKIP Pub Campaign Website:


  1. Keep up the hard work ! , Where these independent or chain pubs ?

  2. They were all independent as far as I know, the two Oddfellow pubs were owned by the same person tho.