Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pub News

Came across this interesting article from the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Looks like Gerry Sutcliffe (MP Bradford South - Licensing Minister for the country) - could be taking a leaf out of our policy.....

UKIP Says: "...would also allow the designation of established pubs for pub use only in local plans, to avoid closure and conversion into other uses, where there is a strong local desire to retain pubs "

Ministers Say: "Ministers are also looking at beefing up planning rules to prevent former pub buildings being so easily bulldozed."

UKIP Says: "...would cut business rates and taxes on community pubs. "

Minister Say: "WEST Yorkshire pubs that are “centres of the community” could enjoy lower business rates under proposals being examined by the Government."

UKIP Says: "...would reduce both EU derived regulations, and UK regulations and controls, and tone down enforcement regimes, involving variously licences, permits, certificates, surveys, reports, audits, contracts, procedures, assessments and policies."

Ministers Say: "Licensing minister Gerry Sutcliffe said planned action includes simplifying minor changes to licences and helping pubs stay open when the licence holder dies."

"She (Treasury Minister Angela Eagle) rejected calls for lower alcohol tax for pubs compared to supermarkets, saying it would be illegal under EU law."

Looks like Gerry and chums are taking pages out of our book! ... and yes, according to the Treasury Minister, EU rules are stopping us from looking at potential alternatives!
UKIP spot on again ;)

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