Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Pub Closures in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Post have a piece on the problems facing local pubs in Yorkshire....

The report suggets 300 community pubs have closed their doors in Yorkshire in the past four years.

"Campaigners have pledged to making saving the nation's pubs as big a political issue as the fight to preserve post offices last year as 36 close their doors every week."

This couldn't have been better news for us in UKIP as we have recently produced a "pub policy" which we will be kicking off a campaign with in Bradford.

"figures released by the Commons all-party beer group...reveal 311 Yorkshire pubs have closed since the last General Election in June 2005"

UKIP Bradford will be targetting it's campaign in Bradford South, as that is where sitting MP Gerry Sutcliffe is also "Licensing Minister" for the country. We hope to gather loads of signatures and landords/ladys support upto the next general election, to put real pressure on him to help out instead of persecute our declining pub industry.

Watch out for UKIP beermats, petitions, posters and pub policies in your pubs around Bradford in the coming months! We will be aiming to meet every Landord/lady in Bradford South and have a good chat, and hopefully roll the campaign out around Bradford.

See the Campaign Website: http://www.savethepub.co.uk/
See the UKIP Pub Policy: http://www.ukip.org/media/pdf/pubs.pdf

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