Friday 28 August 2009

UKIP Bradford calls for a vote on Odeon plans

Had a Letter published in the T&A regarding the Odeon and promoting UKIPs policy of local referenda....

Let the public decide

8:16am Friday 21st August 2009

SIR – Regarding the on-going saga and controversy of the Odeon, I think it’s time that a line is drawn under it and something actually achieved.
With all the information and accusations thrown around regarding the Odeon, why not give the decision to the people of Bradford? The Council will then have the authority to act – and act quickly!

There should be a Bradford-wide referendum of maybe three or four options with clear information regarding costs and intentions available prior to this, so we can all vote on which option we prefer.

One of the options must include refurbishment of the Odeon, even if it would be the most costly.
UKIP called for this, which the T&A reported on September 4, 2007, and it should be fully-backed. Why not let the public decide? Then the Council could actually get on with some “regeneration” for a change, with popular approval.

Thursday 20 August 2009

Leafletting with the Chairman

We are planning another mass leafleting session on:
Sunday 23rd August, 2pm

At: Bradford Bulls Grattan Stadium, Odsal, Bradford
Meeting place TBA

Please let me know if you can make it, will probably be about an hour in total – should be able to shift 1,000s of leaflets if we have a few hands.

Contact me for more information,

Monday 17 August 2009

NO2ID Stall in Bradford

The Bradford NO2ID Group is holding a stall in Bradford and Victoria Hall, Saltaire on Saturday 21st November from around 10am - 4pm - as part of a larger event which is being run there.

UKIP fully opposes ID cards because of the spiraling costs (especially in the current economic climate), the erosion of our civil rights and that they will prove to be another unsafe IT project with our personal details.

UKIP Bradford will be supporting this event and encourage all members, supporters or anyone interested to come long, have a chat and help out!

The UKIP MEP for Yorkshire, Godfrey Bloom, may even pop along to offer his support.

So please come along!

NO2ID Website:
NO2ID Bradford Contact:

Thursday 6 August 2009

UKIP Bradford Taking Local Elections Seriously

Next year when the local elections are set to take place, UKIP Bradford will be putting a record number of candidates out.

Although more known for our European Union Policy, UKIP does have a wide ranging set of local policies, from council tax and local housing, to policing and transport.

If you would like to read the current local manifesto, please find it here:

On the back of coming second in a national election and third in the Bradford area, we are on the look out for more candidates. UKIP Bradford Branch covers about 30 wards!
The more candaidates we have the more local coverage we get and it shows that we mean business by standing up for the people and issues that concern our local areas.

If you are interested in standing for UKIP (Council elections are free - General elections cost £500) please sign up to UKIP Bradford here:

and get in touch with our Branch Chairman Jason:

We are planning a big campaign in the run up to next years elections so get involved!