Thursday, 13 June 2013

UKIP Bradford pledges support for the National Media Museum

UKIP Bradford Spokesman Jason Smith announced Monday that the UKIP Bradford & District are officially coming out in support of the cities National Media Museum, UKIP Bradford want to see funding available for the Museum to stay open and continue with free entry.

UKIP has been at the forefront campaigning to save other Bradford landmarks; they were the only Bradford political party to support the retention of the landmark former Odeon cinema and in 2007 called on Bradford council to give local people binding referenda on the buildings future.

UKIP Bradford also announced that its slate of candidates for the 2014 local elections will all stand on a ticket of protecting both the Odeon building and the National Media Museum.

Spokesman Jason Smith said: “As the UK’s ‘City of Film’ it is unthinkable that we could see the closure of our National Media Museum. This fine museum is one of few remaining landmarks that exist to draw people in to Bradford. All our candidates will campaign vigorously to highlight the plight of the Museum and safeguard this important local attraction.

UKIP do not accept the government argument that we have no money to fund our fine museums, why is it that our government claim we have no money to protect our museums and local services yet they can find money to pay £53 million per day to the EU and £23 million per day in foreign aid?  It is all a question of priorities and we believe their priorities are wrong.

As the nation’s fastest growing party, we ask all our supporters to sign the Telegraph & Argus petition to highlight this issue and bring pressure on the government to safeguard the future of our museum.  We have so far succeeded in protecting the Odeon and now we aim to help Bradford people raise awareness to protect our media museum and ensure it stays free to the public.”

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Reports that UKIP will stand aside for Tory MP in Shipley...

I would just like the opportunity to clarify the situation with regard to UKIP candidates standing at the next General Election. Contrary to various articles, there are no current plans for UKIP to stand aside for Tory candidates at the next election, irrespective of whether that MP is euro-sceptic or not.

Additionally, UKIP has made it clear that there could never be any deal or agreement with a Conservative Party led by David Cameron. It seems the Tories are circulating stories and rehashing old quotes in an attempt to neutralise UKIP. Unfortunately, all it is doing is showing the public how much they fear the UK’s fastest-growing party.
While UKIP respects Shipley MP Philip Davies’s stance of withdrawal from the EU and his support of the ‘Better Off Out’ campaign, the reality is that Mr Davies stands on a Conservative ticket of remaining in the EU.

Jason Smith, UKIP Bradford Chairman,


The offending (untrue) original article suggesting UKIP would stand aside for Mr. Davies: