Wednesday 28 May 2014

PM must heed Euro warning, says newly-elected UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir

Bradford businessman Amjad Bashir, who won a seat on the European Parliament on Sunday night, said Prime Minister David Cameron had kicked the European Union issue “into the long grass” for too long.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Sunday politics 18 May 2014

Parties’ leaders get ready to ‘expect the unexpected’

Another party with the potential to cause an upset is Ukip, which is hoping to get its first councillors elected into Bradford Council. Ukip is expected to do well in the European elections, and its local election candidates are optimistic those voting for them in Europe could vote for them locally too. Jason Smith, UKIP’s Bradford chairman, said people were now seeing it as more than a single-issue party.

Monday 19 May 2014

Bradford UKIP chairman Jason Smith attacks Labour election tactics

UKIP Bradford uncovers link between senior Labour Councillors and far left Hope Not Hate

Hope Not Hate had an anti-UKIP leafleting event on Saturday 3rd May in Bradford (areas including: Clayton & Fairweather Green, Thornton & Allerton, Royds, Great Horton), while this is not in itself a story the attendees is I think.

The event was organised on Facebook:
Link to Facebook group:

Enclosed screen shots from the Facebook page which states the following included in the 19 attendees:

       Richard Dunbar (Labour Candidate Thornton & Allerton)
Sinead Engel (sitting Labour Councillor and Candidate Clayton & Fairweather Green)

  Michelle Swallow (sitting Councillor Clayton & Fairweather Green)

Alex Ross Shaw (sitting Councillor Windhill & Wrose), down as a ‘maybe’ attendee

We know there were other Labour Councilors involved in the leafleting campaign but as we have no hard (photo) evidence I would not like to accuse them.

Here are some photo's of Labour Councillors and candidates sporting Hope Not Hate leaflets, kindly retweeted by Labour candidate Richard Dunbar:
(From left to right) Labour Candidate Richard Dunbar, Labour Deputy Leader Imran Hussain & Labour Councilor Sinead Engel.
And another picture from Richard Dunbar's Twitter where he boasts of helping deliver 1000 leaflets in Buttershaw.

Our (undercover) member was told at the Hope Not Hate meeting to tell voters that “UKIP was racist, homophobic and sexist” and where possible take any UKIP leaflets out of letterboxes, which is illegal.

Who are Hope Not Hate?
Hope Not Hate is a far left organisation with very close links to the Labour Party. Hope Not Hate since 2010 has received £150,000 in funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government, ostensibly to campaign against “racism in deprived areas”. In 2012 it received no less than £63,000 of taxpayers’ money. I wonder if people would agree with their taxpayer money being spent on producing this kind of material and being used to campaign against a democratic political party?

Labour campaign tactics 
Our UKIP Wyke candidate (Lois Wood) was at her parents’ house (in the Great Horton Ward) on 3rd May and was visited by Hope Not Hate, below is a transcript of what was said:

I was in the front garden with my father next to me. 

She passed my dad a leaflet, he said "ah ukip" she said "we are against ukip" . I asked "why are you against ukip" she said "well they have some funny ideas about women" 

"Really, I'm standing for ukip in Wyke, so what are these idea's" 

HNH: " they think all women should wear skirts and Godfrey Bloom has made comments" (Godfrey Bloom is no longer a member of UKIP)

"I think a sense of humour is needed in these situations when comments are made tongue in cheek" 

HNH: "I think with an attitude like that you shouldn't be standing as a public figure" 

"Oh, ok!" I smiled, she stood in the driveway, as if waiting for me to say more and then crossed over the road and made her way down the opposite side of the road. 

Interestingly about an hour late the Labour candidate Joanne Dodds, knocked at the door and spoke to my mother (I was not there).  

The strategy was that a “HNH campaigner” (who was actually a Labour activist) would knock on the door, pass a UKIP leaflet and berate UKIP, then a little later the Labour candidate would knock and ask for a vote for Labour.

UKIP Bradford Chairman Jason Smith says: 
“This is a very dishonest way to campaign, Labour using a far left group to spread untruths about UKIP and then to follow up with another Labour activist/candidate to canvas for their vote.  Shouldn’t Labour candidates and activists actually be campaigning for their own party rather than spending time campaigning against an opposition party under the guise of another organisation?  It is clear Labour are unable to compete with us on the real issues that affect working people, so they resort to dirty tactics, ironically spreading hate and fear through an organisation names Hope Not Hate.”