Saturday 6 December 2014

Sir, Peter Finan questions “the kind of people UKIP attract” (T&A 2/12).

Sir, Peter Finan questions “the kind of people UKIP attract” (T&A 2/12).

Mr Finan tries, quick badly I think, to link UKIP with the far right, when in reality you cannot become a member of UKIP if you have been a member of any extremist group, far right or left. No other party has such a clear stance on extremism and the Labour Party actually fields a number of former BNP candidates around the country!
The irony is the article Mr Finan refers to also announces mass defections in Bradford to UKIP of activists who are from a diverse range of backgrounds including black African, Asian and Eastern European.
Only one party in Bradford truly stands against extremism from both sides and that party is UKIP and in 2015 we will unveil the most diverse range of candidates in the district!

Thursday 27 November 2014

Shock at Keighley Town Council's £73,000 bill for financial audit investigation

TAXPAYERS face being burdened with an estimated £73,000 bill for the audit of Keighley Town Council’s accounts.
The shocking figure was quoted by Councillor Samuel Fletcher, who represents Bracken Bank and Ingrow ward.

Brutal killings of Christians committed in the name of blasphemy - @Amja...

Saturday 15 November 2014

UKIP spokesman accuses Conservatives of tyrannical government

UKIP Yorkshire’s Civil Liberties Spokesman and local Bradford chief Jason Smith accused the Conservatives of running a tyrannical government and reneging on their promise to protect British people.

After initially promising MP’s a vote on the controversial EU Arrest Warrant the Conservative leadership did a u-turn and then denied the people’s representatives a vote on this fundamental principle of justice. 

The EU Arrest Warrant allows British citizens to be extradited to any EU Country without any prima facie evidence.  Many British citizens have already fallen foul of this EU law and have been imprisoned in foreign jails without the protection of the British legal system only to be freed later when the case against them fell apart.  The arrest warrant is supported by the leaders of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties.

Jason Smith told reporters: “This is proof, if any further is needed that our government are now no more than dictators, running a tyrannical government to serve their own agendas.  Their desire to bow to the EU now even trumps the rights of British citizens. I would ask all people to stand up and fight against this injustice, as these are our rights that are being given away.”

Saturday 8 November 2014

Standing ovation for Amjad Bashir MEP at UKIP NW conference

Standing ovation for Amjad Bashir MEP at UKIP NW conference

Monday 22 September 2014

UKIP selects Bradford Chairman to fight Bradford South seat

UKIP Bradford & District Chairman Jason Smith has been selected to fight the Bradford South seat at next year’s general election.  Jason Smith has lived in Bradford all his life, born in Low Moor and currently living in Queensbury, he has previously lived in Wibsey and Wyke.

The districts branch of UKIP achieved strong second place results in all of the six election wards of Bradford South at this year’s local elections making them the only real challenger to Labour in the Bradford South Constituency. 

Jason Smith says: “I am honoured to represent UKIP in my home constituency.  We saw this year that people are crying out for change and are becoming increasingly disillusioned with New Labour.  UKIP have clearly replaced the Conservatives as the opposition in Bradford South and we expect to cause an earth quake in 2015 and return out first MP in Bradford!”

Sunday 21 September 2014

80 activists came down to Heywood to support John Bickley campaign to get elected as an UKIP MP

80 activists came down to Heywood to support John Bickley campaign to get elected as an UKIP MP.

Saturday 9 August 2014

UKIP Bradford calls on George Galloway to withdraw his comments on banning Israeli people from Bradford

As an anti-war party we have sympathy for the plight of the Palestinian people but we totally reject George Galloway’s call of banning Israeli people from Bradford.  UKIP Bradford’s stance is that we welcome all communities, students and tourists to our fabulous city.  We find George Galloway’s language offensive and call on him to withdraw his comments.

UKIP Bradford Chairman Jason Smith says: “Whatever Mr Galloway’s opinion of the Israeli government it is not for him to decide who is welcome in our city. While Mr Galloway and indeed Mr Ward may have a hatred of the Israeli government it is wrong for them to tar every Israeli person with the same brush. MP’s David Ward and George Galloway’s seem to be in a fierce competition to see who can be the most offensive which is bringing our city in to disrepute.”

UKIP Bradford Statement on Bradford Council’s flying of the Palestinian flag

UKIP Bradford has sympathy for the plight of the people of Palestine but we feel it is wrong that Bradford Council should be taking sides in this conflict and flying the flag of Palestine.

UKIP Bradford Chairman Jason Smith says: “We are all horrified with what we see happening in Gaza but we feel it is not Bradford Council’s place to take sides on this matter.  This seems like a move by the Labour run council to garner support in the Asian community in the light of increasingly hard-line comments from MP’s Ward and Galloway.”

Sunday 20 July 2014