Monday, 22 February 2010

UKIP Bradford to Field Record Number of Candidates

With the Local elections and General Election this year, UKIP Bradford will be fielding a record number of candidates.

Bradford West: Jason Smith
Bradford South: Jamie Illingworth
Keighley: Paul Latham

And we are in the process of selecting a record number of local election candidates.

We have also just re-launched the UKIP Bradford website that will be far more functional in the run up to these elections. You can find it here

If you would like to help out with the branch, stand in the elections or have any questions please do get in touch with Bradford Branch Chairman Jason Smith at:

This will be our biggest campaign ever and with UKIP nationally on it's highest poll rating in the run up to General election, UKIP in Bradford coming 3rd at the elections last year and in the EU elections UKIP took 2.5 million votes, we are set on course for a memorable election campaign.

Come and give us a hand!