Saturday 9 August 2014

UKIP Bradford calls on George Galloway to withdraw his comments on banning Israeli people from Bradford

As an anti-war party we have sympathy for the plight of the Palestinian people but we totally reject George Galloway’s call of banning Israeli people from Bradford.  UKIP Bradford’s stance is that we welcome all communities, students and tourists to our fabulous city.  We find George Galloway’s language offensive and call on him to withdraw his comments.

UKIP Bradford Chairman Jason Smith says: “Whatever Mr Galloway’s opinion of the Israeli government it is not for him to decide who is welcome in our city. While Mr Galloway and indeed Mr Ward may have a hatred of the Israeli government it is wrong for them to tar every Israeli person with the same brush. MP’s David Ward and George Galloway’s seem to be in a fierce competition to see who can be the most offensive which is bringing our city in to disrepute.”

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