Friday 20 March 2015

UKIP calls for inquiry in to Child Sexual Exploitation in Bradford

UKIP calls for inquiry in to Child Sexual Exploitation in Bradford 

Figures released to UKIP Bradford show that there were 627 reports of ‘sexual crimes’ against Children, in Bradford, in 2014.  Since the beginning of 2015 there has been an average of 10 reports per week. (94 until 16th Feb 2015).

The problem of serious child sexual abuse in the city has been known about publicly since 2002, with warnings from former MP Ann Cryer. Since then the fate of children in Bradford District has been ignored, overlooked and brushed under the carpet.

Whos who in child protection in Bradford:
Cllr Ralph Berry has been in post since 2010, prior to him heads or Chair of Children’s and Social Care services have included: Eric Pickles MP, Kris Hopkins MP and David Ward MP.  The infamous head of Rotherham Children's Services Joyce Thacker, who was forced to resign after the biggest child abuse scandal in this country’s history, was for many years the Head of Youth Services at Bradford Council.  UKIP believe it is also likely that the same ‘community sensitivities’ that the Rotherham child abuse report highlighted are also responsible for the Labour councils lack of action on this matter.

UKIP calls upon the West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Labour’s Mark Burns-Williamson, and Bradford Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services, Labour’s Cllr Ralph Berry to recognise these figures, accept that they are far too high and explain why nothing tangible appears to have been done to protect children in Bradford.

UKIP Chairman Jason Smith says: “While these figures are shocking, the most shocking aspect of this abuse is that the issues of child sexual exploitation are seen to be generally ignored by Bradford authorities. 

In consideration of the high number of incidents reported to the police in Bradford, we are asking the council to establish an inquiry into the care of children in Bradford, especially for those have been in local authority care.

If the council is unwilling to undertake an independent inquiry, through their own Independent Safeguarding Children Board, we will be lobbying for an Independent Judicial Inquiry into the care of vulnerable children in Bradford."

  1. Ann Cryer’s comments:

  1. In 2013 Kris Hopkins sought to point out that Ann Cryer had tried to raise this issue, however, in Hansard (para 110), Mr Hopkins fails to mention that he was the Chair of Social Services in Bradford at the time. – He was a person who could have acted.

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